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Courage From by Steve Rubin
Life takes courage.
The great actor John Wayne once said “Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.”
Here is a song I wrote, performed and recorded about my oldest son. In this song I am “wondering out loud” where he gets his courage from. Take a listen … and I wish each and every one of you finds the courage you need.
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My Influences:

“I’m hitting a lick for peace – and every time I’m in Georgia, I eat a peach for peace.”

 -Duane Allman.

Duane Allman took a coricidin bottle, poured out the pills, placed it against the strings of his guitar, and played the greatest slide guitar music I have ever heard. In case you want to know what I am talking about, I suggest you listen to the opening track of “At Fillmore East” by the Allman Brothers, “Statesboro Blues.” Can I have an amen!

“The most valuable possession you can own is an open heart. The most powerful weapon you can be is an instrument of peace.”

 – Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana arguably has the most distinctive electric guitar sound ever known. It only takes two or three notes at the most before your ears and brain joyfully exclaim “Carlos!” The track “Europa (Earth’s Cry, Heaven’s Smile)” from the “Amigos” album is perhaps the most joyful electric guitar playing I have ever heard.


So open your heart and become an instrument of peace.

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