Our business practice includes advising closely-held businesses, individuals, partnerships, corporations, tax-exempt organizations, and encompasses a variety of real estate, business and corporate transactions.


Our litigation practice includes litigation in both the state and federal courts in areas including contract disputes, partnership disputes, mortgage banking, trademark infringement, Lanham Act violations, self-storage act violations, non-competition clauses, fraudulent business practices, alter-ego claims, and defamation.

Something That Is Pleasing To The Senses … What Is Evidence?

Something that is pleasing to the senses … what is Evidence?

Okay kids. For the umpteenth time someone has come to me with their grievance or claim. They have been violated.…

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Ben Franklin, The Father Of The Electronic Transactions Act

Ben Franklin, the Father of the Electronic Transactions Act

Well, as any grammar or middle schooler can tell you, Ben Franklin is considered to be the “father of electricity.”…

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What’s In A Name? (Didn’t Shakespeare Write That?)

What’s in a name? (Didn’t Shakespeare write that?)

We get asked to set up a lot of entities such as corporations and limited liability companies (LLC’s). Of course,…

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