Our business practice includes advising closely-held businesses, individuals, partnerships, corporations, tax-exempt organizations, and encompasses a variety of real estate, business and corporate transactions.


Our litigation practice includes litigation in both the state and federal courts in areas including contract disputes, partnership disputes, mortgage banking, trademark infringement, Lanham Act violations, self-storage act violations, non-competition clauses, fraudulent business practices, alter-ego claims, and defamation.

How Do You Serve A Lawsuit On A Ghost? It Is Time For Federal Rule Of Civil Procedure, Rule 4, To Evolve.

How do you serve a lawsuit on a ghost? It is time for Federal Rule of Civil Procedure, Rule 4, to evolve.

Here is the set up: A Bad Guy wants to sell counterfeit goods on a website. In the process, the…

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Oh, That Uncle Sam … What A Character! IRS Targets State Tax Tactic

Oh, That Uncle Sam … What a Character! IRS Targets State Tax Tactic

Well, the title of the article on the front page of the May 24, 2018 Business Section of the LA…

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Public Service Announcement: What Are The IRS’s Options When You Can’t (full) Pay Your Tax Liability?

Public Service Announcement: What are the IRS’s options when you can’t (full) pay your tax liability?

Public Service Announcement: What are the IRS's options when you can't (full) pay your tax liability? (I apologize for the…

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